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Yash Chopra no more

Veteran Bollywood director, screenwriter and producer Yash Chopra, who died at a Mumbai hospital of multiple organ failure on Sunday, will be cremated here on Monday. He was 80. His admirers are paying their last tribute to Chopra from 9 am to 12 noon at Yash Raj Studios, where his body is kept, reports said. The filmmaker, who had been hospitalized last Sunday with Dengue fever, is survived by wife Pamela and sons Aditya and Uday. Chopra, who was born on Sept 27, 1932, had announced his retirement from directing this year on his 80th birthday. He made his directorial debut with DHOOL KA PHOOL in 1959, a melodrama about illegitimacy and followed it with the hard-hitting social drama DHARMPUTRA (1961). Chopra has charmed Indian audience with films like DAAG, JOSHILA, SILSILA, DIL TO PAGAL HAI, VEER-ZAARA. Indian film buffs are eagerly waiting to see 80-year-old Chopra's latest directorial venture JAB TAK HAI JAAN. The film features Bollywood actors Shahrukh Khan, Katrina Kai…


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List of Islamic Converted Peoples

CONVERT TO ISLAM:A list of famous convert  This is a only list of notable people who have converted to Islam belief systems such.
[In the United Kingdom and France, about 100,000 people converted in the last decade in each country Germany (usually 4000 a year)and many other places around the world.]

Charles le Gai Eaton - British diplomat and writer.Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) - British musician and singer (had a nominally Christian upbringing, but never was a believer).Martin Lings - A widely acclaimed British scholar. He was raised as a Protestant, became an atheist, and later converted to Islam.Nursultan Nazarbayev - President of Kazakhstan.World Best Oscar Awarded Musician A. R. Rahman (Initially raised Hindu, but was atheist as a teenager until conversion to Islam) - Indian music composer.

Prophet Muhammad pbuh in Holy Bible

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ is in Bible:
I like to learn about Islam and Comparative Religion. I heard about many authentic proofs about Islam. So I want to share one of them with you about Truths in Bible. I collect some data about those and share with you. This lines are important to grow universal brotherhood. The lines about Muhammad ﷺ in Bible is very clear and easy to Understand. I give some basic details about those. For more details must visit some Important Links  down there. Introduction: In islam the Holy Bible is termed as Enjil and Jesus Termed as Esa (peace be upon him). Many Muslims believe that the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ(peace be upon him)'s (which Muslims believe that he came after Jesus and is the last of the Abrahamic prophets) prophethood in Islam was foretold in Holy Bible.
Christianity is treat Jesus as the son of God. But, Islam is only religion which says Jesus not as son of God but as Prophet of God (Allaah).
Muhammad ﷺ (pbuh) in Bible

Arrested Cartoonist Aseem Tribedi in Bigg Boss 6

Controversial Activist and cartoonist Aseem Tribedi
The Cartoonists Rights Network International urged the authorities in the world’s largest democracy to stand up for free speech and put an end to all the attempts to silence Aseem’s political speech. Dr. Robert Russell commented, "Aseem’s enemies either don’t know how to interpret symbols in editorial cartoons or are knowingly twisting the law to silence dissent in order to shield corrupt officials."

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Crunchy Mashed Potato Bites

Veg-Recipe:Crunchy Mashed Potato BitesKids will love these crunchy baked potato bites dipped in ketchup or other favorite sauce. A great way to use leftover mashed potatoes and ham.
2 cups  Very Stiff Mashed Potatoes 2 cups  Finely Chopped Cooked Ham 1 cup  (4 Ounces) Shredded Swiss Cheese ⅓ cup  Mayonnaise 1 tsp  Prepared Mustard ½ tsp  Salt ¼ tsp  Pepper 3½ cups  Cornflakes, crushed  Ketchup, or sauce of choice
In bowl, combine all ingredients except cornflakes; chill. Heat oven to 350F. Shape chilled mixture into 1-inch balls and roll in crushed cornflakes. Place on well-greased rimmed baking sheet. Bake 20-25 minutes until crispy. Serve hot with ketchup or other favorite dipping sauce.
Helpful Tips:
Different cereals can be used instead of the cornflakes. Kids really love this recipe...1/2 Cup shredded Swiss, Cheddar or Emmathal cheese can be added to the potato mixture. Can be served with any sauce of choice..salad dressings like Blue Cheese, or Ranch go well too!
Veg-RecipeTangy Grilled Sweet Potatoes
A sweet-spicy mixture is rubbed over sweet potato slices, grilled, and sprinkled with goat cheese. A nice side dish to grilled meats.

4  Medium Sweet Potatoes, scrubbed 2  Tbls Butter, melted 1  Tbls Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1 tsp  Brown Sugar 1 tsp  Salt ¾ tsp  Pepper ¾ tsp  Chili Powder ½ tsp  Cinnamon ¼ tsp  Cayenne 4 oz  Goat Cheese
Microwave pierced potatoes for 4-5 minutes until just tender; cool slightly. Cut into disc shapes about 1/4-inch thick. Brush potatoes with melted butter and oil. Combine brown sugar, salt, pepper, and spices; sprinkle or rub over potatoes. Grill potatoes over medium high heat for 2-3 minutes on each side until grill marks form and potatoes are tender. Sprinkle warm potatoes with crumbled goat cheese.
Helpful Tips:
You do not have to peel the potatoes, just wash and pat dry before microwaving.

Aha Summer Salad

Veg-RecipeAha Summer SaladA great summer salad with an array of colors. Made of salad greens, garden vegetables, broccoli, Mandarin oranges, pineapple, sugary cashews and ramen noodles with an oriental flavored salad dressing. Ingredients:4 cups  Fresh Broccoli Florets 8 cups  Mixed Salad Greens 2  Celery Stalks, chopped 2  Green Onions, chopped 2  Carrots, grated 1× 11 oz can  Mandarin Oranges, juice reserved 1× 8 oz can  Pineapple Tidbits, juice reserved ¼ cup  Honey Roasted Cashews 1 pkg  Oriental Ramen Noodles With Seasoning Packet ¼ cup  Balsamic Vinaigrette ¼ cup  Soy Sauce 1 tsp  Sugar

In a large salad bowl, mix together the broccoli, salad greens, celery, onions and carrots. Add oranges, pineapple and cashews. Break up the noodles and set aside. Mix the ramen spice packet, vinaigrette, soy sauce, sugar and reserved juices in a small bowl, then pour on salad. Add broken noodles and toss. Serve immediately.

Helpful Tips:

Honey roasted cashews can be found in grocery stores. They …

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