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Zishan Ahamed Thandar

Zishan Ahamed Thandar is developer, editor and author of since August, 2012. Zishan is a blogger, programmer and pentester from Kolkata, India. He is  Completed his B.Tech in Automobile Engineering from MAKAUT,WB.
Skills: PHP, Python, Python3, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, bootstrap, WordPress, pen testing
Education: B.Tech, Automobile Engineering, MAKAUT, WB
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Website Developing:
Zishan started and learn developing website from August, 2012. He create and develop this blog (e.s and learn HTML5 coding. Then he learn JavaScript,bootstrap, CSS, vbScript, PHP and  MySQL with phpMyAdmin etc. After that Zishan build an facemash clone at
We value your thoughts about this blog (, we rely on our users to help us improve this website. If you have any suggestions then contact us.

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Sheikh Mishary Rashid Alafasy

Sheikh Mishary Bin Rashid Alafasy (الشيخ مشاري بن راشد العفاسي) :Sheikh Mishary Bin Rashid Alafasy (Arabic: الشيخ مشاري بن راشد العفاسي‎; born in Kuwait in September 5, 1976) is a Kuwaiti dā‘ī, imam Qur'an reciter and nasheed singer.
Sheikh Mishary studied at the Islamic University of Madinah in Saudi Arabia, specializing in the ten readings of the Quran. He is married, and has three children (two daughters and one son). He is also known as "Abu Rashid" (the father of Rashid).