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Zishan Ahamed Thandar

Zishan Ahamed Thandar is developer, editor and author of since August, 2012. Zishan is a blogger, programmer and pentester from Kolkata, India. He is  Completed his B.Tech in Automobile Engineering from MAKAUT,WB.
Skills: PHP, Python, Python3, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, bootstrap, WordPress, pen testing
Education: B.Tech, Automobile Engineering, MAKAUT, WB
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IPL t20 winner teams list for 2008 to 2017

Indian Premier League (IPL) twenty twenty cricket's winners and runners up full list. It is very popular tournament in India. It is most popular among Cricket crazy Indian's. It is a Golden chance for new comers.
IPL t20 winner teams and runner ups final venues 2008 to 2017::

First Indian Freedom Movement, Muslim's Wahabi Movement

Muslim's Wahabi Movement, First Indian Freedom MovementThe Wahabi Movement was a part of the Indian freedom struggle as it offered a serious threat to British supremacy in India in the 19th century. The movement was led by Syed Ahmed Barelvi, who was greatly influenced by the teaching of Abdul Wahab of Arabia and the preaching of Delhi saint Shah Walliullah. The Wahabi Movement essentially condemned all changes and innovations to Islam. It was a revivalist movement which held that the return to the true spirit of Islam was the only way to get rid of the socio- political oppression.

Mir Osman Ali Khan, Richest man of South Asia all time

Mir Osman Ali Khan Siddiqi Bayafandi Asaf Jah VIINizam: 29 August 1911– 17 September 1948
Titular Nizam: 17 September 1948– 24 February 1967
Religion: Islam
His Exalted Highness Nizam Sir Mir Osman Ali Khan Siddiqi Bayafandi Asaf Jah VII (Urdu: آصف جاہ‎), born Mir Osman Ali Khan Bahadur (Urdu: عثمان علی خان صدیقی بہادر‎; 6 April 1886 – 24 February 1967), was the last Nizam (or ruler) of the Princely State of Hyderabad and of Berar. He ruled Hyderabad between 1911 and 1948, until it was annexed by India. He was styled His Exalted Highness The Nizam of Hyderabad. Later he was made the Rajpramukh of Hyderabad State on 26 January 1950 and continued until 31 October 1956, after which the state was partitioned on linguistic basis and became part of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra.

Mansa Musa, richest man of all time

Musa I of MaliReign c.: 1312–37 (25 years)
Religion: Islam
Mansa Musa, or Musa I of Mali is considered to be the richest man to ever walk the face of the Earth with his wealth at $400 billion (at the time of his death in 1331). Musa was the tenth emperor of the Mali Empire, one of the prosperous Sahelian kingdoms that developed along the Saharan slave trade routes in the later medieval period. Musa Keita I (c. 1280 – c. 1337) was the tenth Mansa, which translates as "sultan" (king) or "emperor", of the wealthy West African Mali Empire.

Father of Pediatrics, Rhazes, Abū Bakr Muhammad ibn Zakariyyā al-Rāzī

Muhammad ibn Zakariya
Born:  854 CE Rey (near Tehran), Iran
Kown as: Father of Pediatrics, Rhazes
Religion: Islam

Abū Bakr Muhammad ibn Zakariyyā al-Rāzī (ابوبكر محمّد زکرياى رازى Abūbakr-e Mohammad-e Zakariyyā-ye Rāzī, also known by his Latinized name Rhazes or Rasis) (854 CE – 925 CE), was a Persian polymath, physician, alchemist, philosopher, and important figure in the history of medicine.

Father of Chemistry Geber, Abu Mūsā Jābir ibn Hayyān

Jabir ibn Hayyan 
Born: c. 721 AD, Tus, Iran, Ummayad Caliphate 
Known as: Geber, Father of Chemistry 
Religion: Islam 

Abu Mūsā Jābir ibn Hayyān, (born c. 721, Ṭūs, Iran—died c. 815, Al-Kūfah, Iraq) Muslim alchemist known as 'the father of chemistry'. He is a Polymath. His works are published to the western world with the name of Geber.