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Saturday, 13 September 2014

How to build an Electric Car from traditional car

A electric battery is a automobile that is propelled by electric battery. There are several steps to guide to build a Electric car from traditional car. It can be made for automobile projects. Simple step by step guide to make a Electric Car from a Traditional Car. This article will help Engineering students and many others to make final year project or other professional project. Just read this article then make plan and do it, it's very simple.

Step 1: Choose a car for conversion

              Qualities required for the car Weight under 2000 lbs, Enough room for battery, Low aerodynamic drag.

Step 2: Select an DC motor for car

            Get twelve 72 volts and 40-60 amps per hours, VRLA (valve-regulated lead-acid battery) gel cell battery as primary and back up battery.

Step 3: Remove parts 

                 Remove engine, battery parts, gas related things (tank, exhaust, radiator etc.). Leave needed things (brakes, horn, transmission etc.).

Step 4: Install battery, solar panel and motor

Step 5: Connect ignition

Step 6: Add conversion kit

Things you need:

  1.  A manual transmission car
  2.  Electric motor
  3.  Gel-cell battery
  4.  Engine crane 
  5.  Torque wrench
  6.  Controller
  7.  Cables
  8.  Bolts
  9.  Solar panels  
  10. Tires etc.